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Inflection Point

A Time Travel Adventure Series

On the eve of the First World War as the storm clouds loom over Oxford, Nathan Bishop, a man with a keen mind for science, has been forced to take on an electrician’s job, converting the colleges over from gas to electric light. Nathan's long-cherished dream is to one day work on experimental projects that test the boundaries of logic and reason. So when the mysterious Professor Felix Schneider offers him the opportunity of a lifetime, it looks like all his dreams have come true.


However, what’s the secret behind Felix’s research in his private lab, and is it a threat to national security? Everything hints at something incredible, but the truth will be beyond even his wildest expectations and will challenge everything Nathan thought he ever knew about time.


Nathan is about to be given an incredible opportunity that will determine not only the fate of those closest to him but ultimately of the galaxy too. Will he be able to find the courage to fully embrace his dreams, even if they might cost him the lives of himself and his closest friends?

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The Complete Earth Song Series 

A First Contact Sci-Fi Thriller

Lauren didn’t ask to be a hero. But one night during the graveyard shift at Jodrell Bank, she captured an astonishing fast radio burst from an alien race. And just like that, the fate of the world was thrust into her hands.


Now she’s put everything on the line to blow open the conspiracy of silence surrounding UFOs.

She’s on the run from MI5, and a secret organization determined to stop her. After a year of dead ends and a heart-breaking personal tragedy, she’s on the verge of being forced to abandon her personal crusade.

But then alerts erupt across the international UFO forums. What are the crystal runic symbols that have appeared all over the Isles of Orkney? Could they mean that the alien intelligence Lauren previously encountered is once again reaching out to humanity?

And if so, why?

With a ruthless enemy closing in fast, Lauren teams up with Jack Harper, an archaeologist and UFO sceptic, in a last desperate attempt to unearth the truth. Together, can they discover the source of the strange activity on Orkney? If they fail, humanity will stand alone to face a threat coming for us from the stars.

Time is running out for the survival of all life on Earth.

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The Fractured Light Trilogy

A Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller

Jake lost everything when his dad died during an experiment into dark energy. Ever since Jake's become an outsider in his hometown, carrying the guilt for a catastrophic event that devastated their local community.

Six years later on the way back from college, Jake witnesses a satellite crash-landing and starts receiving garbled messages hinting at a conspiracy. But when he then begins to see something lurking in the shadows he even begins to question his sanity.

In desperation, Jake turns to his former best friend Chloe, an underground hacker who like many turned her back on him. But even if she believes Jake, do they still have enough time left to solve the mysteries that link all the events together and unlock an ancient secret hidden in human DNA? 

If they fail the coming darkness will devour all life across our world.

Watch out for the shadows.

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The front cover of Fractured Light has a man generating a ball of plasma in his hand.
The front cover of Fading Light shows a man generating a balling of lightning plasma.
The front cover of Death of Light shows a man generating two plasma energy spheres.

The Cloud Riders Trilogy

A Sci-Fi Adventure

Dom comes from a family of storm chasers, but a year-long drought has hit the US hard and even the tornadoes have vanished. With crops failing and the family diner about to go bust, Dom feels trapped, torn between supporting the family business and the urge to escape to a new life. Even his lifelong relationship with his best friend, Jules, is getting complicated.

When the first twister in months appears from nowhere and an airship emerges from the spout, Dom’s world is turned upside down.

Its pilots are explorers who make Dom an offer beyond his wildest dreams. But the visitors are also harbouring a terrible secret.

Can Dom uncover the truth and make the right decision before everything he cares for is destroyed?

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