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Reality is Weirder Than You Might Think

(Article Originally Published 3/8/2011)

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." – Albert Einstein

The world is real isn’t it?

You're in it so of course it must be, but have you ever wondered what happens to the universe when you turn your back on it?

Some quantum physicists believe that electrons and even the nucleus of the atoms all around us, exist everywhere at the same time. This is called super positioning, where matter exist as waves, that is at least until we get involved. The moment it is observed and the spotlight of our senses sweep across, it stops being a wave and locks into position as a particle in our reality.

It’s a bit like that child’s game Statues, in which the curator turns their back on the other players. They then have to try to sneak up and tag the curator, but the moment the curator turns they have to freeze into statues, Now imagine the children could be everywhere at once and you have a reasonable metaphor for how reality may actually work. The curator, the observer, you, turns and the world becomes solid. In other words we create the world as we experience it!

Makes you wonder what would happen if you turned your head quickly enough, what you might catch from the corner of your eye.

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