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When Your Book Leaves Home

(Original News Item Published 7/5/2014)

Today is the day I have worked towards for seven years, the moment that a long-cherished dream became reality. Today is the day that my book, Cloud Riders, has been born into the literary world.

How do I feel? Elated, yes of course. But there’s also an element of sadness. Why? … Cloud Riders has been such a big part of my life. It has grown and developed as I have grown and developed as a writer. During my long journey to publication with it, I have found my author’s voice among its pages. And as I have written this book, it has also written me.

Cloud Riders is not the first book I’ve created, but it’s certainly the one I’m most proud of. However, today I feel like a parent whose child is leaving home to discover the world by itself. And within that moment, joy and sadness will always be tightly woven together.

I have put everything I can into this book, the best of me, made my vision of a fantastical world, as real as my abilities will allow. Now I can only hope Cloud Riders will create a spark that ignites in the imagination of my readers.

But now I find myself trying not to notice the empty place at the table. All I can do is wait by the phone for that first call home to hopefully say everything is fine...

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