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Humanity – The Overview from Space

(Comment Originally Published 16/7/2022)

"You get this overview effect where you realize how small we are and how fragile our planet is and how we're really all in it together. You don't see borders from space, you don't see diversity and differences in people on Earth."

- Anne McClain

As a child who watched the moon landings, it had an incredibly fundamental effect on me. They ignited my love of space and fired my loved of science fiction, a path that one day would lead to me becoming a writer. And of course, I still dream of venturing intospace one day.

The powerful effect on astronauts of seeing the Earth from orbit and beyond is well documented. From space, the noise of humanity falls away and astronauts can see the sum of everything they have ever known hanging onto a planet in orbit around the Sun.According to many, it's one of the most profound moments of their lives, as they experience a shift in perspective – something referred to as the overview effect. And this is something that I wish every man, woman, and child could experience for themselves becauseI think the world would be a very much better place for it if they could.

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